Meeting photos: 11 Feb 2012

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Did a bit of butt-kicking at our last meeting. You could call it a gentle, encouraging prod in the right direction. Or you could call it what it was – a swift kick in the rear for a couple of moms who seemed to be in need of it.

Sometimes, when you’re in a situation that feels overwhelming, some people seem to just *stop*. Grind to a standstill, not sure what to do next, so they do nothing. So today is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will be exactly that too. I’ve never been there – but I can see and understand how it happens.

This time, these particular moms needed a little bit more than a kind word and sympathetic ear – they needed a push to remind them that THEY are in charge. They are responsible for their lives, and the lives of their children – and if they don’t stand up, step up and DO what has to be done, nothing will ever change.

I understand apathy that comes from fear, paralysis that comes from depression, inaction that comes from being overwhelmed, and perhaps – simply just so used to the way things are that there doesn’t seem to be much reason to change anything. I wanted more for these moms who have become my friends, part of my family – and so I didn’t hold back. I kicked butt. I may have waggled a finger and poked a chest. I may even have used a few bad words. There may have been some wide eyes and a couple of timid versions of  “Yes Tracy, you’re right Tracy”. I may have been a teeensy bit strict.

Hopefully, it made some difference. They said it did. Will that translate into action for them? Don’t know. That’s up to them. I’m glad I tried.


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