Blankets for Babies

Our neighbour Joyce is 78 years old, a retired seamstress from England. She recently offered to sew us some blankets for the “wee little ones”. Using all her own materials, all out of her own pocket, so far she’s given us 6 beautiful handmade baby comforters. We plan on distributing these to our moms, and perhaps raffling off a few to raise some cash 🙂

It’s easy to to make assumptions that certain types of people (older people, child-free people, religious people, 3-headed people etc) would be negative towards our cause and our desire to help young moms and their children. But that’s just stupid, isn’t it? A good person is a good person, regardless of their age or circumstances – and maybe I must remember to not expect the worst?

Joyce tells us she’s got more blankets coming – her work is amazing and her kindness is humbling.



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