Meeting report: 21 April 2012

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Saturday’s meeting was lovely, as usual. Neighbour lady Joyce (who I mentioned in the last post) joined us for the lucky draw for the blankets she made. We draw names of 3 moms and each one received one of the beautiful handmade baby blankets.

Congrats to Edith, Minentle & Anoria! Anoria was a new mom who joined us for the first time that day – good thing she did! 🙂

Was lovely to have Joyce with us, the moms made her feel welcome and she spent time chatting to them all and getting to know the babies.

One of our moms Grace spoke to us about her HIV experiences, and the work she is doing with Positive Heroes  – an organisation which helps people living with HIV become positive role models in their communities. She goes into schools and speaks to the young people – her knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation was inspiring. And she heard today that her 2 month old son is HIV negative – which is a HUGE and awesome thing!

We’ve started a new plan for giving away clothes – instead of putting out all the clothes, we have pictures of each  item which the  moms can “book”- we then make up packs of their goodies and bring them next time. Works better as there were occasionally moms who got a bit “trigger happy” on taking stuff. Not many though, there were always only one or two who went overboard, but it did mean that some people got very little and some got too much. This seems to be working much better.

The children were so quiet this time! Having a large group of all age children does sometimes lead to “ïncidents”, and we often have to track down little ones up to no good (they’re particularly fascinated by the water cooler!)  🙂 – but this time they were all so quiet and busy with the toys. So sweet to see even the tiniest (under 2 years old) packing away the toys at home time. Very impressed with them all.


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