Meeting report: 12 May 2012

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Did the meeting solo this week as my mom was sick. She’d made us a gorgeous pot of soup (which she complained she didn’t like as there “was no taste”. Meanwhile it was her tastebuds that were dysfunctional due to the flu). Everybody loved the soup and tucked in – was nice for a wintry day.

Gave away 3 more blankets which Joyce had made for us – the lucky winning moms were very happy – somewhere there’s a pic of little Elam with her prize pink blanket on her head!

I was worried I wouldn’t manage alone as my mom usually does most of the behind-the-scenes set up and organising while I talk to moms but everybody got stuck in and with Wadi & Phakama’s help everything went smoothly. Except of course when I forgot to take the lens cap off the camera… luckily Wadi came to the rescue and was on camera duty for the rest of the day.

Never fails to amaze me how everybody gets stuck in at home time and before you turn your head, the whole place is clean, swept, chairs packed away and 100% sorted. Makes me feel good that everybody feels comfy enough to take charge and just do things, without being asked. These ladies can teach us all a lot about community and doing your share.

Had a good chat with Shirley & Edith, two community leaders (and formidable women) from Masi & Ocean View respectively. Was interesting that Edith said she struggles to get Ocean View people involved in community events, workshops etc. She works so hard at running workshops, being on the school’s governing body etc, and it’s always just the same small core of people working to improve their community. This sounds pretty much like Fish Hoek and the traditionally “white” areas – plenty of people ready and willing to complain, but not too many prepared to get their hands dirty and do the work. It’s all about “somebody should do something” – but not realising that YOU are that somebody.

While Shirley says that in Masi, workshops, meetings and other community events are well attended. According to Shirley, the moms in Masi say that as they “never attended school”, they must use every opportunity they get to learn something. So, it seems that Ocean View and Fish Hoek have got a lot of catching up to do.

What are things like in *your* communities?  Do people get together to make things better? Or does everybody stick to their own couches and not do much?

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