Meeting photos: June & July 2012

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Have had an issue with the website lately but hoorah – have finally fixed it up! So this will have to be 2 meeting reports in one.

At June’s meeting we spent some time thinking about what is important to us as mothers, the kind of mothers we’d like to be, and what we feel we do well.

Each mom created a poster of her promises to her children – something beautiful, made from the heart and designed to be read every day as a reminder of who she wants to be. Everybody got into the swing of things and it was lovely to see them having fun with glitter and crayons like children. A small thing maybe, but seeing the words written down, spoken out loud – makes it harder to forget them.

July’s weather was awful – rainy and stormy, which kept most people away from our meeting. In the end we only had 3 moms – and 2 new ones who arrived just as we were packing up.

It was actually really nice to be able to spend one-on-one time with moms who I didn’t really know that well, really chatting indepth with them and getting to know them. So – a win anyway.

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