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Our banking details for SA donors have changed! 

Bank: FNB
Account Name: Young Mom Support
Account number 62437922489
Branch code: 260231

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We are a registered non-profit organisation (NPO number 093-008).

Current Funding
Young Mom Support does not receive any official funding. We are currently only able to meet once a month and all planning, meetings and phone calls with mothers in need happens after working hours. All the group’s current activities are funded by the founder, Tracy Engelbrecht and occasional small donations from family and friends.

These expenses include meeting refreshments, travel, web hosting, telephone expenses, stationery, guest speaker fees, storage for our donated items and occasional emergency food parcels for
destitute families, as well as our annual Christmas party. The services we’re able to offer are currently severely limited by our budget and we’re not able to reach all of the mothers who need us.

The Future
We aim to grow to more areas in the Western Cape, providing a full time venue for drop-in visits, workshops at government and private schools and expanding our online support and support group meetings.

For this we need the following:

  • Salaries for full time director, admin, workshop coordinators & online counsellors (current teen moms who will be employed by us) and fundraising staff
  • A venue of our own – a small house in Masiphumelele, Sun Valley or surrounding area which will enable us to store all our items and hold our meetings there. If we’re always open to drop in, the less confident or shy moms will be more willing to speak to us than to walk into a busy monthly gathering where there are lots of people
  •  Funding for training courses: we have been able to send some moms on short nanny/aupair training courses. Other training options include computer / office skills, first aid, driving lessons and entrepreneurship courses.
  • Guest speakers / short seminars: we have utilized speakers from The Parent Centre before who provide short workshops on parenting and related topics. While relatively inexpensive, we’d like to offer them more often.
  • Emergency food relief: we’d like to be able to build up a stock of emergency food parcels which we can distribute to those in dire need.
  • Antenatal / birth preparation classes: we’d like to organise antenatal classes specifically for young moms who usually use government hospitals where they are often not wellinformed or prepared for the birth process.
  • Training for staff: we’d like to extend our skills by taking on counselling and related courses ourselves, so that we’re better able to serve our members
  • Marketing & media: web hosting, brochure & poster printing
  • Telephone costs: most of our moms don’t have resources to call us, so we call them when requested.


Young Mom Support Proposal 2013