Teachers, principals, parents – Young Mom Support will offer workshops to school groups on the topic of teen pregnancy. We do not focus only on prevention, but rather on the next steps: your options, your rights, your responsibilities. The REAL questions that young people facing an unintended pregnancy ask.  It’s vital that young people are armed with correct information and know where to go for support during this traumatic time. We can help provide that. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Who should attend?

All high school students will benefit, both male and female, generally grades 9 to 11.

Format of the workshop?

A workshop could be a once off session during a Life Orientation lesson but often this is not enough time to present the information and especially allow for questions. 60 to 90 minutes is generally sufficient. A smaller group of up between 30 and 50 learners at a time is best for encouraging participation.

What will be discussed?

The consequences for both girls and boys as well as options going forward. We address 3 main areas:

  • How easy it is to fall pregnant – in other words – it could happen to you. This brings in the discussion about contraception and thinking about your choices beforehand, as well as addressing the issue of others stigmatising / ostracising / judging pregnant girls / teen moms. Teen pregnancy is not something that happens to “those” girls. We find that teens often perpetuate negative stereotypes of pregnant teens, when they themselves are sexually active – there is a feeling of invincibility – “it won’t happen to me”. While contraception is available and vitally important, of course the only sure birth control is abstinence.
  • I’m pregnant, what now? We address the options available, including abortion, adoption and keeping the baby. We emphasise the need for early and urgent action. Many teens put off the confirmation of pregnancy until far too late, thereby losing the option to terminate if the pregnancy is too advanced, or missing out on vital antenatal care if they choose to carry the pregnancy to term. Taking action sooner means a safer, healthier outcome. We emphasise that no particular choice is better than any other, and that nobody can make the decision for you. Personal responsibility and taking charge of your life is the key aim here.
  • If parenting is your choice: what are your rights and responsibilities as a young mother or father?
    What does it take to be a good mother or father? Am I up to the challenge?   Negative outcomes are not necessarily inevitable – but it is certainly hard work, and life will change. We speak about the sacrifices and adjustments required to be a good parent, including financial, practical, emotional, educational and family impact.

If you are not willing to make those changes to your life, you should either make another choice if you’re already pregnant, or if you’re not yet pregnant, reconsider your sexual activity / contraceptive choices.

Parenting is certainly no walk in the park – we do not sugar coat or glamorize, but neither do we say that good teen parenting is impossible.


The cost per student, per session is currently R15. This fee is negotiable and can be adjusted depending on the length of the session and size of the group.

Download workshop information here