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In my own voice : more stories from moms like you
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Note: some moms request to remain anonymous. All stories are presented as told, only changed to remove personal information where anonymity as been requested.   Ms A from Durban I … Read More

From anonymous
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Anonymous story from YMS user. I present it without comment.  *** “Congratulations, it’s a little girl” the nurse said. All I could think was how can a little girl have … Read More

Moms @ School
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Angelique Hey I’m Angelique I’m 18 years old. I had my baby girl on 6 months in my final matric exams. She was 3 months premature and was placed in Cape … Read More

In my own voice: Tahne’s story
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I’m a young mother to a beautiful little boy of nearly 6 years old. I fell pregnant at 15 and had him when I was 16. After that I took … Read More

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