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“Pregnant at 16, my dad has anger issues”
| |

Question originally from our Tumblr: Anonymous asked: I just found out I was pregnant 3 days ago. I’m 16 and I turn 17 in December. I’m honestly really happy and … Read More

“I feel stupid for getting pregnant”
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Masi meeting yesterday – we had a discussion on domestic violence and what to do if you’re in such a situation, talking about protection orders and the process for getting … Read More

Phateka speaks
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Phateka is a 16 year old teen mom from Masi. She’s in grade 11, still at school and determined to finish. Her baby is a gorgeous, strapping young boy of … Read More

Guest Post: What nobody tells you
| |

Here is the first in our series of guest posts from readers sharing their stories. I’d like to thank them all for their bravery, honesty and openness in being willing … Read More

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